Would I be safe in assuming you’ve never done a car stereo install before? If thats the case, go do some reading at the12volt. You’ll have a lot better grasp on the replies to your post if you do some research first. As for your questions. There is no power antenna wire that I know of on the Tacoma. This is probably due to the fact the Tacoma does not have a power antenna.

The car amplifier doesn’t provide a signal to the sub

Before trying to hook up your player, make sure it is plugged in and turns on when you press the “power” button. Usually a small light or welcome message appears when the DVD player is working correctly. There are at three common ways to connect a DVD player, and each needs a different cable to work.

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Monday, September 05, – Just built a house and ran speaker wire, 14 gauge stranded red and black with a white covering throughout house. Now that I’ve moved in, I installed 2 Niles speakers in bedroom wall to these wires. On other end, my contractor left the wires free flying from the little blue electrical box. OK, so you can probably tell I’m a woman but I am determined. I bought an RCA wall plate with 1 red and 1 black jack. On the back of each jack there are two pins, one in the center and one on the side.

The pins have tiny little holes in them that are too small to thread the 14g wire through so I’m assuming I have to solder the wire to the pins?? I’ve sweat plumbing before, so I think I can do it. But which wires go to which pins?

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I have a toyota alvalon. and i want to hook up my remote wire and my rca wires for my amp. but i dont know how to – Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Some have Line In, some have Line Out, some have both. Can be fixed line level which is a bypass output ie just allows for a headphone amp to be connected between a source and integrated amp, ie, to be able to easily use it with a simple speaker system or variable line level or preamp output, which can control a power amp or the amp in studio monitors.

My original thought is I should hook up from Line Out of my mixer labelled main mix in to Line In of the headphone amp. In this situation does the mixer control the volume or does the head amp? The headphone amp will be your main control if you just want to turn it up for something or tone it down temporarily, but if you’re actually mixing and the headphone amp is monitoring, then the mixer’s control will be utilized and will affect the headphone amp as well.

Just to power studio monitors?

How to install sound system, without new head unit?

Doubtful, and really these days you could probably buy a discontinued model of something pretty nice for short money anyway. I would highly suggest figuring out a different method to plan around. Really for the cost of some new dongle, a bunch of wires, then having just a crap source you can buy something with bluetooth AND 3. What precisely are you trying to use for a source?

Jan 01,  · I’ve read that the stock 6 disc cd player doesn’t have the rca jacks to hook up to an amp. So how does one do this without buying an after market stereo?

Older systems usually lack RCA jacks, but just because you have an older system does not mean you cannot add an amp for additional power to push your speakers or subwoofers. Before you begin the installation process, it’s imperative that you make sure the amp you’ve chosen is capable of accepting speaker or line-level connections. Once you’ve double-checked these things, you’re ready to start. You can mount it on the back of a seat, on the sidewall, on the back of your subwoofer box or on the floor of the trunk away from any loose items that may damage the amp by shifting when the car moves.

Disconnect the negative terminal of your car’s battery for safety purposes. Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you’ll need to hook-up your amp. You will need to connect the lengthy, red wire to the positive terminal of the battery. This red power wire should be thicker than your speaker wire–typically 8-gauge works fine. Run the positive wire back towards the cabin of the car, avoiding sources of heat and areas that are likely to be splashed by water when driving in inclement weather.

Run the remaining cable through the fire wall, using a rubber grommet if it seems likely the insulated wiring may encounter sharp metal. Run all of the cables below the carpeting to where your amp is located. Hook up both the positive and negative cables to the amp and find a grounding point within range of the negative cable.

You can connect the ground wire to any secure metal piece on the frame of the car that does not have paint on it. Run speaker wire from the outputs, located on the back of the head unit, to the amp, being sure the sound wires run on the opposite side of the car from the power wires.

How do you hook up an amp using a head unit without rca outputs?

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i s the amp board itself, two stereo headphone-to-RCA cables, four pieces of heavy hookup wire, and eight banana terminal posts (4 red + 4 black).. The board is ” x ” and a bit over an inch high without the terminals installed. There are RCA input jacks as well as screw terminals for inputs.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Car Stereos and Speakers , Chevy Silverado , Chevy Blazer S , Radio Well if you got any old “RCA” cables what i would do is cut the end off of one and wire it to the back speakers and then you plug them in to the amp and then hook up the power supply for your amp and then connect your subs and that should work???

A typical Head Unit will push between 10 and 50 watts to each speaker, while the RCA inputs on your Amplifier will only take about 3.

Adding a Sub Amp to 5th Gen Camaro

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can only output audio to one device at a time unless you have special drivers for your hardware!! I have both the xbox and PS3 set to multi audio out, they will send audio out via both the Analogue outputs and the Digital connectors. I use the analogue connectors to drive the buttkicker via a switch, and the digital optical output to drive the speakers and headset via a splitter VIDEO:

I want to hook up a mono amp to my Infinity a 4 channel amp. It contains a rca output site on the Infinity to plug in the mono amp. Do I still need to have seperate ground, fuse and power cables for the mono amp or with the ones used for the 4 channel amp do?

Warranty What is the best way for me to hook up my subwoofer? The optimal connection is to use the RCA Phono “sub” or “woofer” line out found on home theater receivers and pre-amps. Some subwoofers offer High Level inputs speaker wire connections , they are there for use with a receiver or pre-amp without a sub RCA connection. You don’t need to use both and in most cases it’s not recommended.

Just as receivers and preamplifiers are different across brands, subwoofer brands may be different as well. Every room may be unique in the way it supports or cancels low frequency information. The quantity of bass desired may differ for each listener. Additionally, hookups to the same amps or receivers and the same subwoofers can produce different results if “bass management” settings speaker size selectors, etc. The best thing to do is to experiment until it sounds just right for your listening style.

In that case, when music is played on a two-channel source for example, a CD , the subwoofer may not receive any signal at all. That situation would call for a hookup of both the “LFE” jacks and the speaker terminal jacks to a subwoofer, in order for the sub to produce bass with all sources. You would need to set the main speakers to “large” in the receiver or pre-amp set-up menu. If you have both LFE and sub out connections on a receiver or preamp, your best choice would be to use the ‘sub out’ connector, because the LFE signal may still be mixed in with the sub channel.

hooking up separate amp

I have a much better understanding of ohm cooking. I have two combo amps. One is a Fender Superchamp X2. The one speaker out jack that the internal speaker is connected to says Minimum 8 ohms. The other amp is a Vox AC10 with a speaker out jack of 16 ohm.

Gold-plated RCA audio plugs with red and black color bands. Spring strain relief. Solder type. Sold in pairs, one each black.

So what will we need to do this? But I doubt any of you guys will be using an amp that big. Walmart sells amplifier kits as do some other stores. The kits tell you how many watts they can handle. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: Choosing an Amp and Speaker This can be a tricky step. You want to choose a speaker and amp that put out the most power, without blowing each other.

What you want is the RMS of both the subwoofer speaker and the amplifier to be as close as possible. The RMS is the amount of power a speaker can continuously have sent to it without going bad. The RMS is also the amount of power the amplifier can continuously put out without over heating. When looking at speakers and amplifiers, do not look at the peak power.

A speaker or amp can only be run on the peak power for about a minute before it goes bad or overheats. You want to be running your subwoofers on its RMS rating rather than the peak rating. For best sound, keep the impedance Ohms the same too.

Stock 6 Disc Stereo to RCA jacks?

Podcasting , Technology Any system is only as good as the weakest link in the chain and audio systems are certainly no exception to the rule. Attaching speakers to your Hi-Fi system usually only requires a few cables. These potential problems are easy to spot with a few simple tests and luckily the corresponding remedies are equally simple.

Do passive speakers need an amp? most of your consumer audio applications use a line level signal think of the red and white RCA connectors on the back of your stereo as line level. you cannot run a loud speaker on line level, another from the amplifier to the speakers. Plugs must match the jacks. The jacks are built into the devices.

The term passive subwoofer correctly implies that there are no internal amplifiers and therefore external ones would need to be connected. Subwoofers are used primarily for low-frequency sounds and improving the bass quality of your speakers. The power ratings and the ohm load are a few of the things that you would need to consider in choosing an appropriate amplifier for your subwoofer. The output from the subwoofer can either be monaural or stereo.

You can find these on the head unit of your subwoofer backside. In the case of the monaural output, you will need only one cable for the output. For the stereo output, you will need two cables. The colors of the two cables will be different to make sure you connect them to the right jacks. A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer offers multiple wiring options, such as parallel, series or independent. With a Single Voice Coil, a single set of terminals would include positive red and negative black , whereas Dual Voice Coil has two such sets of terminals.

How to install RCA cables and remote amp wire in toyota tacoma